Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good health is to be cherished

Despite taking Multi-vitamins and Cold FX religiously every day for the past five years, and getting my flu shot every year, last month I came down with one of the most miserable colds I've had in a long time.  It started with a little tickle in my throat, which quickly moved into my chest, producing globs of yellow phlegm big enough to choke a horse.  I called my family doc and he prescribed an antibiotic, which I took as instructed.  I did start to feel better, but the cough never left and this past weekend the tickle in my throat returned.  Thinking I would turn to more "spa" based therapies this time around, I booked myself in for a manual lymphatic drainage treatment, which will usually end an oncoming cold dead in it's tracks.  This was the same day that I started my preparation for my "I'm 50, let the fun begin" colonoscopy purge.  Well these two things do not go well together.  I went from feeling OK, with a little tickle in my throat to feeling like I'd been run over by a truck multiple times.  I suspect some people avoid colon cancer screening because of the somewhat invasive procedure, but let me tell you - that part is nothing compared to the preparation - 2 days of cleaning out the colon, liquids only.  At least for the invasive part you're sedated and pretty much out of it.  Well, today is the morning after, and while I'm starting to feel somewhat human again, I couldn't help but think that my little 3 day ordeal with a blip in my normally healthy life is nothing compared to the battles that many people struggle through for years.  Take care of your health.

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