Sunday, August 21, 2011

What happens when we don't get our way?

I've just finished writing a "Management Response" to a review on Trip Advisor.  Recently I discovered that I have a few followers on Trip Advisor who get a kick out of my "Management Responses".  Apparently some of my responses have a touch of sarcastic wit woven into my tactful attempts to set the record straight, or in some cases apologize for our shortcomings.  Interesting.  Trip Advisor, and other sites like it, are yet more proof of the power of social media, usually for the good, and occasionally for more nefarious purposes.  This past couple of weeks, aside from the turmoil on world markets, the media has been obsessing over the use of social media to organize mass protests, and the outrage over BART's decision to block cell phone signals in anticipation of a possible organized protest.  I wonder what they would have said about revolutions that are as old a civilization itself responsible for overthrowing unpopular governments and other oppressors in the past?  Would Maria Antoinette have acted differently if she had Twitter and Facebook to worry about?

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