Saturday, June 25, 2011

Farming or Facebook

I don't exactly know what it was that started me on the whole Facebook habit.  I think I had a profile for quite a while, but I wasn't active.  For whatever reason, I suddenly decided that it was time to start sharing more of my activities, my thoughts, my photos and my observations with a broader group of "friends".  But last week, after having a heated verbal exchange with a friend, I found myself "unfriended", not just by the person who I had the heated verbal exchange with, but her teenage daughter as well.  My feelings were hurt.  I was surprised at how this app, living on my smartphone, was affecting me.  I was letting this binary string of zeroes and ones hurt me, and yet I chose to carry it in my pocket, check on it several times a day, often first thing in the morning.  After coming to the realization that I was choosing to let something that only existed in the Ethernet hurt me, I deactivated my account.  I'm done with Facebook.  But, if I have a change of heart, I just have to log back into my account, and all will be forgiven, and we'll pick up where we left off.  Right.  I'd rather be farming.  I can check on my live animals several times a day and as long as I keep feeding them and grooming them, they won't unfriend me.  I can freely chat (or not) with like minded rural-agri types and get my fill of updates and small talk.  I can reveal what I want to reveal (or not) and I can exercise my body (or not).  So, if you are used to finding me on Facebook, you might just find me down on the farm chewing on a piece of grass trying to make friends with the newest member of the herd (that's brand new Lady Bird Birdie", shown above in her contemplative state, and below, tasting mom's milk for the first time).