Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The icy grip of winter

Icicles hanging from my roof
For as long as I can remember, I have a habit that awakens around mid January or early February where I find myself spontaneously surfing last minute travel deal and airline websites to plan an escape from the dead of winter, thinking that if I break it up with a week or 10 days of sunshine, spring will come around a little sooner.  This urge has been especially strong over the past couple of weeks as snow storm after snow storm and deeper and deeper plunges of the thermostat start to rattle my bones.  But this year I am trying to fight it, perhaps to prove something to myself, that I can not only withstand a full winter, but that I can embrace it.  After all, if you dress for it, winter really isn't that bad, I keep telling myself, and there are many things to enjoy about winter - a cup of hot chocolate by a crackling fire is really fully appreciated at this time of year.  Then there are winter activities, like skiing, snowmobiling and skating that wouldn't have the same appeal in August.  So, cheer me on and join me in celebrating part of what makes us Canadian, snow, slush, ice, winter drivers and a good old winter storm warning!  

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