Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Growing up in the country

From age 4 - 18, I grew up in rural Ontario, north west of Toronto.  I have fond memories of Dell Casely and Bob Purvis at Card Lumber, Bud Maw at Maw's Grain Elevator, our next door neighbours, Eva and Len Patterson, the Vermeers, the Keoughs, the Bensons, postmaster and mistress and general store keepers Dan  and Jan Hennessy, the Miller sisters, and many more people who made growing up such an adventure.  As a teenager, I hung out for a while with Kelly Maw and Kevin McCallum.  We developed a habit of dropping in on friends and neighbours, unannounced, just to visit and chew the fat.  One of our neighbours and the local doctor, lived at home with his parents.  Peter dropped in on us quite regularly, but his parents weren't so keen to have us drop in on them - something about being British and proper.  When we settled in Grafton back in 1981 we really didn't know anyone, but quickly found that dropping in on neighbours was just as acceptable in these parts, however, it did take some time and effort to sort out who our friends would be.  This past weekend, I dropped in on a local family, only to be offered lunch, and then invited to help with the construction of a backyard igloo.  I was a little sceptical at first - I had trouble trusting the notion that this domed dwelling could be built without some kind of a form, or at least a secret formula passed down through the generations.  After about 6 or 7 rows of blocks, there was a slight cave in, but after some fine tuning and refinement of our technique, it wasn't long before the final block was being place to make the roof.  What fun!

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