Monday, January 3, 2011

New Beginnings, gifts of many kinds

The living room at Seadream House, Harbour Island

Jim, John & Anna at John's Junction
They say, God works in mysterious ways.  Just over a year ago we received a call to let us know that my brother Bill's dream home on Harbour Island had burned to the ground.  A Korean-Canadian couple who had opened up a Japanese restaurant in Cobourg sold it when Anna was faced with a life threatening illness.  In their time of need, both of these families looked to Ste. Anne's for a hand up as they worked out a plan to rebuild their lives.  Ste. Anne is the grandmother of Jesus, and has been credited with thousands of  miracles, many of which invoke the acts of a typical loving grandparent.  Yesterday Bill called me to say that after a year of rebuilding out of the heartbreak of the fire, Seadream House was ready to receive guests again - he sent me pictures and the results of his work, and the work of his wife and fellow Bahamians is absolutely breathtaking.  And last night David, Nan and I enjoyed a wonderful, healthy meal at John and Anna's new restaurant "John's Junction".  Anna is fully recovered.  They also say, God sends crosses to those he loves.

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