Friday, January 14, 2011

Meeting a click through in the flesh

On Wednesdays David goes running with his marathon buddies, Rick and Ryan.  But before he goes running, he lines up a few tasks for me, just to make sure I keep busy until he is done running.  So this past Wednesday, I was assigned to drop off a couple of spa guests at the Cobourg VIA Rail station so they could catch a 6:44 train.  Years ago, when we first introduced the "Stress Express", train station runs were one of my regular jobs.  Back then I didn't have a car of my own, so I usually borrowed my sister Anne's Volvo, and for a brief period of time I recall having to use a Yugo - a very utilitarian vehicle that was available to me for some reason at the time.  One of my first big investments was the purchase of a second hand Fleetwood Cadillac for $5,000, exclusively for the early, popular trips between the station and the "Grafton Castle".  That was a great car - I loved looking out over the expansive hood - it was like driving a jumbo jet.  As the spa grew, the "limo runs", as they became known, became a full time job for a variety of characters over the years, and we purchased bigger and grander automobiles to suit the task.  But sadly for me, I lost this opportunity to meet excited guests full of anticipation as they were arriving, or chat with them about their spa visit on their return trip.  So when I get called back into active duty to do a limo run, I get quite excited.  About a week ago in fact, I was so excited and talking up such a storm with my passengers, that I lost track of my speed, and was pulled over by the O.P.P. for speeding through downtown Grafton.  Luckily, one of my passengers spoke up and produced a ticket for a pending train departure, which convinced the constable to let me off with a scolding.  On this most recent limo run, I asked the departing guests if they would mind if we made the trip in a Jeep that I had borrowed from a friend for the night as opposed to the limo, because of the snowy roads, and if they would mind sharing the back seat with Massie, my canine companion.  They were up for the adventure, and very easy going.  The fifteen minutes we spent together was far too short, they were a charming couple, and they loved their stay in the Games Room.  And they told me that they had booked their stay as a direct result of a Facebook Ad that my brilliant Wanda (Director of Sales and Marketing, and turning 40 today), had placed just prior to Christmas.  Each day of our first campaign, Wanda and I had followed with excited amazement, the growing number of impressions and click throughs to our site from the Facebook ad.  And now, fate has given me the pleasure of meeting my first new found customers as a result of our cyber-experiment.  I felt like a proud parent - the seeds planted into cyberspace had first produced a torrent of interest, resulting in new visitors to our web site, (lovingly referred to as click throughs),and now a face to face meeting with living sentient human beings, new fans of Ste. Anne's Spa.  Amazing!

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