Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nothing runs like a Deere, really!

Yes, that is a building being pulled and pushed up a hill by two John Deere tractors.  On it's way to become a shelter for the wild mustangs living at the spa, this horse run-in was built in Mennonite country and arrived on Friday for placement in the mustang paddock.  This movement was actually pretty easy, as opposed to the previous lift, where one of these 10 ft. wide buildings was manoeuvred between 2 fences about 12 ft. apart.  The boys did a great job, and the horses were happier.  Just another day on the farm.  On Thursday, I called the township and applied for a burn permit, as we had quite a collection of scrap wood and brush to get rid of.  Fire Chief Dave told me it was a perfect day for a burn, as there was barely a breeze, and we'd had rain for the previous two days.  As it turned out, the fire burned quite vigorously, and at one point I had to calm it down with some water.  I enjoyed it, but not so much that I'll be taking up arson as a hobby.

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