Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kelly's Big Day

I often blog about the many great benefits that I enjoy as a spa owner and entrepreneur.  I hope my faithful readers don't tire of my self congratulatory smug tone on this subject, but I really feel blessed in so many ways.  So much so, that I also think that if there is a next life, what could my creator have in store for me to provide a contrast to so many good things?  Best not dwell on that.  Yesterday, a young lady who I have known for the better part of 15 years had the main street of Cobourg all a-buzz as she officially opened her new business venture - Lia's Boutique - a store primarily targeted to women looking for smart accessories.  The Town Crier, The Mayor, The MP, and the Chairman of the DBIA, along with a handful of friends, family and well wishers were in attendance as the ribbon was cut and the politicians took advantage of the moment to blather on about how great an environment they had created in Cobourg for small business.  When I first walked into Kelly's store a few weeks ago to help with some of the final touches on the electrical side of things, I was really quite impressed with how she had pulled things together.  Kelly has worked at Ste. Anne's in many capacities, most recently in retail sales, but also in the spa as an esthetician, and in the dining room.  She is a bright girl and she deserves to do well.  I hope that the experience that she gained at the spa will provide her with the tenacity that any new business owner needs to beat the odds and to succeed.  Her three beautiful children were also in attendance, Madison, Sam, and Zoey.  Kelly named the store after her younger sister's baby daughter to avoid causing any fights between her children.  Clearly Kelly has a good understanding of politics!  Good luck in your new business venture Kelly!

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