Friday, September 3, 2010

On the road again

Heathrow Airport is famous for long line ups

About a year ago a friend told me about how the town of Oberammergau puts on "The Passion |Play" every ten years as payback to Big "G" for being spared some of His wrath during the Plague that swept the town back in 1633.  I thought this was as good a reason as any to visit Germany, a country I'd only ever passed through on previous European junkets, so I said, "sign me up".  I had originally booked 2 weeks, with a the better part of the first week intended for exploring Munich, but a few issues that had to be handled at work forced me to shorten the trip to 10 days, and travel via London rather than directly to Munich.  I actually prefer flying through London on Air Canada's day flight, as it seems to be much easier for me to make the adjustment to European time.  Flying overnight and I just don't agree - it usually takes me about a week just to recover from a night of trying and failing to sleep sitting up, leaning over and any number of yoga moves designed to stretch my six feet into a space designed for a mini-me.  We just arrived at our hotel, after spending an hour in line, like a bunch of cattle, for a 1 minute stamp in our passport taking the "Hotel Hoppa" (the Brits have such a knack for naming things) bus to our in transit hotel.  It kind of irritates me that we are members of the Commonwealth, the Queen is our head of state, and yet Canadians entering the U.K. receive absolutely no preferential treatment.  Their flag is on our passport for Pete's sake!  Border control has always seemed like such a waste of money to me even at the best of times, but having to spend an hour in a line up to get your passport stamped between friendly countries really defies logic.  However, I can't see this changing in my lifetime.  Unfortunately opting for the convenience of an airport hotel as opposed to heading into the city centre really limits your choice of restaurants, so we ended up crossing the street to McDonald's, which was closed except for drive through.  We walked through, and then had to convince the cashier to serve us, as she claimed she could lose her job for doing so.  Tomorrow we catch a flight to Munich - should have more exciting news to report from there.

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