Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Faces at the Spa

Mother and Child

White Angel

Big Franklin

One of the great pleasures I have in my job is the opportunity to surprise people with unexpected and wondrous things.  Usually, that comes in the form of a great massage, or a decedent dessert, or a comfy bed, but occasionally I get to wander outside the box.  Pictured above are three recent additions.  On the top left is a bigger than life size angel that I found down in "The County", Prince Edward County.  I had passed her by on several occasions - one of my favorite pastimes is to take a drive down into the county, not necessarily with any particular destination in mind, and see where I end up.  Last time I did this, I found 3 outstanding cheese factories and a couple of good wineries that I hadn't been to before.  In any case, this angel seemed to call out to me, so with much grunting and lifting, I loaded her into the back of my truck and brought her home.  She spent most of the summer in the barn, but a couple of weeks ago, Jake, Debbie and Darlene found a spot for her looking out over the property towards the east in anticipation of things to come.  She is made of cast iron and weighs about 900 lbs.  To her right is a wooden statue that I found in Oberamergau.  Both of these statues have very kind facial features, but the mother and child are especially fine and detailed.  I also had the pleasure of meeting her maker - Josef - a very proud, yet humble German chap.  She is at the barn waiting for a protective coat of varnish before she goes to her place in a new grotto that Deb and Darlene have created in the cedar hedge by the pool.  Finally there is Franklin - a big, friendly gelding who I walked along the road from a neighbours house this past weekend.  Franklin has a bad leg, so he can't be ridden for long periods of time, but he loves to be groomed and he is good company for my feisty mares.  Not a bad gig, I suppose!

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