Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where did the summer go?

Tuesday August 31st, the week before labour day, back to school, hockey practice, closing the pool, fall colours, yikes - where did the time go?  It seemed like just yesterday that the last bits of dirty snow were melting and bits of green were starting to shoot up in the ditches between the dead brown stalks.  This past weekend, as I wandered through Walmart trying to find a canoe paddle to stir the mud baths, I cringed as racks and racks of Halloween masks seemed to follow my aimless aisle search through empty eye sockets.  Of course most of the summer seasonal items have already been stored away to make room for the fall and winter items - snow shovels should be just around the corner.  The creator of time, just like the creator of everything, was such a genius.  Time seems to creep along at just a steady enough pace to make you aware of the movement, like a sheer drapery in a light breeze, and yet not so fast that you worry about it or give it a second though.  And then, all of a sudden, something - a look in the mirror, or at the calendar makes you aware of just how much time has gone by while you were busy doing something, but not really sure what.  My maternal grandfather spent his final years at Central Park Lodge in Toronto.  In those days, he didn't walk, he shuffled.  As I held an elevator for him as he shuffled along the corridor I was aware that a somewhat surly looking female resident was patiently waiting for her ride down.  I turned to her and apologized for the wait, to which she replied, "don't worry, time is all I have left".

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