Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Helping Hand

There once was a young girl who worked in the packing department of a paper mill in Thorold, Ontario.

She was just out of high school and lucky to have such a job. The year was 1936.

The stacks of paper would come off of the line and she would wrap them up for shipping. Everything was quota based and if her team (they all worked in pairs) didn't meet theirs, they were both out of a job. But she didn't have to worry, she and her partner were the fastest and most efficient team on the floor; young and full of energy.

One half of the team next to her on the line was an older woman; not as fast with a lot less energy, eyes failing. She had worked hard on her feet at that old mill for many a year. Her name was Mary Jordan.

One morning, an announcement came down that cutbacks were imminent. Those teams that were the slowest would be the first to go. The young girl looked at Mary and realized that she was certain to lose her job. So, she marched into the forman's office and strongly "requested" that she be reassigned to work with Mary. The forman looked at her as if she were mad but after a bit of badgering, he relented.

When Mary heard of this, she went to the young girl and broke down, sobbing and crying with relief. She thanked her over and over for her act of kindness and for saving her job as she knew what would have come otherwise. So away they went, a new team, one of them flying fast and high, and the other trudging behind. What a pair they made!

That young woman was my mother. She is now 90 years old and would still do anything to help anyone. You should see her wrap Christmas presants....WOW....still fast!

Is there a Mary Jordan in your life who could use your help?

You'll find one.

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