Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another mother is busy on St. Patty's Day

A while back I blogged about a friend who had just moved his mother into a nursing home and soon found that he was missing her. My solution to his loneliness was to offer him some company in the form of a little dog. I've never been sure as to whether it was coincidence or the result of my blogging that inspired someone else to drop a box off at his back door with a black cat and 3 kittens. In any case, given that he had his hands full with his new dog, my friend offered the homeless cats to me. They were lovely cats - well groomed, well mannered and very affectionate, so it wasn't difficult to find homes for the 3 kittens, but I decided to keep the mother on at the barn as company for the horses and cows, and in hopes that she might keep the mouse population under control. Kitty, or Blackie, as she came to be known, turned out to be a great fit for the job. She quickly took charge of things and became a popular part of the farm scene. Of course it wasn't long before she was entertaining the odd tom cat and before we knew it she was pregnant again. Yesterday she disappeared and stopped visiting her food, so I suspected that the time had come to bring her new litter into her world. Kitty had made a little nest in the attic of the horse barn where she gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens - Blackie1, Blackie2, Greyie1, and Greyie2. I hope you enjoy her first home video as much as I did; check it out on YouTube!

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