Monday, February 1, 2010

Hockey the way it should be

Over the years I've spent a fair bit of time in various arenas watching hockey, sometimes friends, sometimes kids of friends, and the odd NHL game. I enjoy it. The air is cold and fresh and there's an energy in the air. Sadly, I've never been on the ice playing. I'm sure Freud and I could come up with a litany of reasons as to why things turned out this way, but at this point that would probably be a moot exercise. This Sunday I took a drive up to Peterborough where a friend's son was playing in a tournament on the lift locks. It was pretty neat. I can see what all the hype is about taking the game back outside. The parents were still mouthing off to the refs, and the little tykes were playing their hearts out - perhaps some hoping that if they played hard enough and if they yelled hard enough someday they would find themselves at the Air Canada Centre in the big leagues.

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