Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 To-do list

I have piles of paper on my desk, in my desk, to be filed, to be read, to be shredded, magazines to be read and to be opened. I just can't seem to bring myself around to finding the time to go through it all. I've hired various part time assistants to help me, but invariably they find other more pressing things to do, and even when they get around to trying to organize my piles of files, it just results in more piles and the prospect of sitting down with them to go through it all. Then there is the electronic stuff; the mountains of emails, word files, excel files, folders upon folders, and pictures (so many pictures) all kept because I might need to reference them some day. And then there are the duplicates! Today, as I tried to make some room on my desk for a writing pad, I came across my 2009 "to-do list". I took a few minutes to go over it, and was pleased that more than half the items on this particular list could be checked off. However, this was just one of many lists I made in 2009, and not one of these lists really captured the essence of what I really should aspire to accomplish in a year, each was more a glimpse of the tasks that were on my mind on the day the list was compiled. When one thinks of how precious life is, and what great things can be accomplished if we set our minds to it, the piles of files become quite insignificant. One thing I do do is that if you don't get to something, over time it probably wasn't that important to begin with. None-the-less, I was pleased that I had accomplished some of the tasks that I had on that particular list. At this time of year, we tend to want to make changes, to start fresh, sometimes awakening to the reality of how quickly time goes by and how much time we waste doing quite meaningless things. Over the weekend, it was next to impossible to get a time slot on one of the cardio conditioning machines at the spa, as eager exercisers were busy implementing their new year's resolutions. I expect the machines to be free again early next week. Happy New Year!

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