Sunday, June 7, 2009

On our way back from a home renovation celebration/backyard barbecue at Katriona and Sorab's place near Cobourg last night, around 10:15 under a full moon, we spotted a coyote slipping through the tall grass and under the fence into the paddock where the wild mustangs live. This morning, on our way to mass at about 8:30, in a light drizzle, we saw a doe cross the road in just about the same spot. We slowed down to avoid frightening her, as she stood for a few seconds to return our gaze, but then she jumped up over the cedar rail fence into the forest. I spent a bit of time searching the web and looking through my "Animals Divine Tarot Cards", and my "Druid Animal Oracle" to try to glean some understanding of what these sightings meant, but in this particular case I came to the conclusion that these close encounters with wild animals is only meant to remind me that we live in close proximity to a wide variety of species, some who are relatively discreet, while others seem to take some pleasure in sharing their presence with us. Our house is surrounded by a wide assortment of birds, who aside from the odd misplaced dropping, bring great pleasure to our days with their colourful displays of flight and their melodious songs, while our chipmunks seem to delight in their taunting, mischievous ways, both inside and outside our walls. My mother's cat, Snowball, will sit at the screen door for hours watching the birds and the chipmunks. I'm not sure if he sees them as potential playmates, or a delicious meal.

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