Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's a girl!

When it comes to procreation, I've had a somewhat abysmal track record. As a small child, I had rabbits. After giving birth to 12 babies, my doe decided that the ordeal was too much for her. She died. I nursed the little babies along as best I could and tried to be a mother to them by bringing them into my bed for a little nap. Unfortunately, I fell asleep and rolled over on the whole lot of them - they died. Many years later, I had my cat bred. I had trouble finding a suitable mate for her, so the cat breeder who sold her to me thought that her father might be able to do the job. I was a little concerned about the side effects of inbreeding, but my breeder assured me that this was more of an issue if my cat were to take up with her brother. My cat spent a rapturous weekend with her dad, and a few months later went into labour. The litter died during birth - their faces were too flat to make it out of the birth canal. I nearly lost the mother in the process, but after a large vet bill, she survived and has become a very loving and affectionate friend. So, it was with some hesitation that I decided to breed my mare Sophie (Arab/Anglo cross) to a beatiful black Friesian in hopes of producing a nice, long maned stud that I could ride. This morning, around 6:30, I received an email from the stable to let me know that Sophie had given birth to a healthy young filly overnight and that I should come and see her right away. I jumped out of bed, pulled on some jeans and headed off to the stable. Sarah Anne is pictured above. She's just like her mother, spirited personality, bay in colour, with a long neck and long legs. Thank you to stable hands/mid-wives Kareylee, Sandy, Lauren and Leia. She's beautiful.

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