Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Opera, wine, and the moon rising

On Sunday afternoon, the folks behind Westben: Concerts at the Barn, hosted an afternoon cocktail soiree high atop the Northumberland Hills at Oak Heights Winery. In hopes of discovering a scenic drive to our destination, I set my GPS to the coordinates for the winery, only to have to double back after my friend Garmin tried to take me through 4 feet of snow on roads that are only maintained in the summer months. Ian, Sally, Phyllis and Chef put on an outstanding event complete with wine, martinis, a scrumptious selection of hors dourves, games and of course, engaging conversation. Not to be outdone, Brian and Donna of Westben put on an exclusive 30 minute concert for their guests along with Robert Longo and Gabriella Prata. While I enjoyed the music, I must admit I did sneak outside once or twice for a little night air and to slip Massie (my faithful canine friend warming my seat in my truck) a few bones from the succulent ribs that we had earlier enjoyed. Singers Robert and Gabriella spent the night at Ste. Anne's, where they said they felt more relaxed than they had in a long time. Years ago the cast of Showboat used to visit the spa on Sunday nights to recuperate their vocal cords in the eucalyptus steam room, until one of our guests spotted them and unabashedly asked them if they would mind singing happy birthday to her parents. Oh dear - so much for becoming a celebrity hideaway! On Monday morning I set my alarm clock for 6:30 hoping to start work a little earlier and possibly get motivated to start back into a morning workout routine. It was a glorious day for a walk, as I was able to see the full moon rising to the west, and the sun rising in the east. Mornings can be so wonderful, although today, with freezing ran beating down on my windshield, I would have probably been just as happy hitting the snooze button and stealing another hour of beauty sleep. Suffice it to say, I still haven't found the motivation to exercise any more than a bit of brisk walking, but then, there's always tomorrow!

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