Monday, January 12, 2009

Wanted: Computer geek

When I graduated from Woodbridge High School way back in 1977, the IBM Selectric Typewriter was considered a leading edge word processor. I either failed, or barely passed typing - I'm quite sure we were taught on your standard run of the mill "manual" typewriters. I was addicted to the smell of that white paint that was used to paint over your mistakes, and I could never wait for it to dry, so would end up making quite a mess. One of my first business ventures was a company called TaskMaster, the idea being that we would take care of day to day tasks like picking up the dry cleaning, shopping, etc. that busy, high paid executives didn't have time for. My partner and I thought that in order to be taken seriously by our prospective customers we needed to have an office, a phone and a typewriter. To try to generate some cash flow while we searched for customers, we took any kind of work, including house cleaning and essay typing. Because we were both pretty lousy typists, we found ourselves typing and retyping essays for our student clients, until we finally made an appointment with an IBM sales rep to talk about buying a Selectric with a mag card reader, one of the first real word processors on the market. It was the IBM sales rep who introduced me to micro-computers, and ultimately to a job selling them at a company called ComputerLand. Thus began my love affair with the Personal Computer. After eight years flogging personal computers the good Lord called me to the vocation of Innkeeper at Ste. Anne's Bed & Breakfast, and as it turned out, the computer skills I had developed at ComputerLand came in quite handy. For many years I was the I/T guy at Ste. Anne's, but eventually my computer skills became outdated and I passed the torch to another, younger computer guy. I guess like everything, enthusiasm for computers wanes after a while, and my replacement ultimately grew tired of technology and sought out more of a hands on vocation. Thus, I am once again looking for a techno-wizard to join the Ste. Anne's team. If you know anyone, or if you think you have what it takes, call me, or drop me an email. Computers can be fun, really! (NOTE: This position has been filled)

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