Thursday, January 22, 2009

As the sun set sets over the harbour, I can't help but feel as though I'm a bit of a hypocrite. On the one hand, I want people to believe that a trip to Ste. Anne's in the snow is just what the doctor ordered as the cure all for the stresses of modern living, while on the other hand I've snuck out the back door for a few weeks of R&R in the warm Bahamian sunshine. I do love winter, and have long since learned that the secret to enjoying winter is to dress for it and to embrace it. However, sometimes you just need to get away, and this is one of those times.
My dear sister Anne and her husband Paul left for home yesterday afternoon on the same airline and the same routing that recently landed a jet ever so gently on the Hudson River, and we are already missing them. This morning we awoke without hearing the sound of the microwave oven door closing as Paul heats up his cup of morning Java. (The roosters made sure of that). We'll miss Anne's thrifty ways and her sharp wit. As a child, I was probably closest to my sister Anne, as she was the oldest girl in a family of seven, and for a long time I was the baby in the family, she often assumed the role of surrogate mother when our real mother was facing down other challenges of family life. I love her dearly and miss her muchly, but truly value the time we've been able to spend here in this paradise, thanks to my oldest brother Bill and his wife Julie who reclaimed Harbour Island as an escape for our family and others when they built Seadream House. I would go on, and on, except that AOL is loaded on this computer, and it is interrupting every ten seconds - an annoying feature that I can't figure out how to turn off!!!

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