Monday, November 17, 2008

Music and the power of positive thinking

I guess I had no idea how much music has impacted my life over the years. Just last week I downloaded some music onto my cell phone, and plugged my little ear buds into my head to listen to Willie Nelson belt out "On the Road Again". It was like old Willie was right inside my brain. I was rockin'! His voice, in fact the wide variety of human voices that have touched us and in some cases become hit songs over the years, are really a magical thing. Even more amazing is how a bunch of cells making up vocal cords can create such melodious sounds in the first place, not to mention the miracle of how a bunch of brain cells translate those vibrations into such a pleasurable experience all tied up with memories and emotions. Incredible! The inspiration for this blog was provided, (once again) by my favourite sales rep, Shelby, from my favourite supplier - CHFI, who gave me tickets to see Jersey Boys for my birthday. To be honest with you, I hadn't heard of this show, and really didn't know what to expect - probably the best way to walk into anything - but boy was I blown away. It tells a great story about Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, and the music is incredible. Funny thing was, the theatre was packed, as were all the restaurants in the area. Yes the economy is struggling, but honestly, enough with the constant doom and gloom already. Even in tough economic times, there are hundreds of millions of wonderfully positive things happening in our world every day. I wish someone would launch GNN, the Good News Network, 24 hours of good news stories, with Rob Marciano reporting on the weather, or course. I'd watch it.

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