Friday, October 10, 2008

The lazy man finds his match

One of the last things I would have expected to find in Northern Ireland was a Thai therapist providing one of the deepest and most authentic Thai massages I've ever experienced in my life. Thai massage is sometimes referred to as a lazy man's yoga. The therapist performs all kinds of stretches on the client's body - in my case, quite a painful experience. With each stretch, I'd pray for it to be over, but then, strangely, I'd want more. Under different circumstances, the mild mannered woman pictured above might be charged with assault. But at the Lough Erne Golf Resort, a new £20 million resort just built a few miles outside of Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, people actually pay to have their bodies pummelled like a rubber ball. The pain releases endorphins which end up leaving you feeling renewed and invigorated. The stretching I suppose helps to release locked up muscles producing a whole lot of other benefits. Suffice it to say, this incredibly authentic Thai experience found in the beautiful surroundings of Northern Ireland is well worth the short term pain that one endures. We are staying at a lovely spot just outside of Lisbellaw in what was once a stable, (Belle Isle Estates) now converted into very comfortable self catering cottages. This little piece of heaven has given us a chance to spend some quality time together, reading, resting and relaxing. We've had a few lovely meals out, but just as often have stopped by at the Irish version of Walmart (Asda) and picked up some food to cook back at our cottage - a big difference in price, but even still hard to imagine how the British can afford to live here - everything is double the price we pay. On Saturday we will be making our way east to visit distant and newly discovered relatives on my grandmother Quinn's side of the family - that is sure to be interesting, and hopefully will lead to being able to fill in a few more branches of the family tree. Weather here - mostly rainy, but very, very typically Irish.

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