Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Door Man

I've always wanted to have a door man. A friendly soul who greets you as you come and go, a trustworthy chap who keeps an eye on things for you. Lucky me, another prayer has been answered. For the better part of the summer, the rather handsome (but very focused looking) fellow pictured above (or a close relative of his) can be found outside the door to my house. He's a little shy, so usually I'll just give him a quick wink on my way through. If I make a move towards him, or ask him how he's doing, he tucks himself into the woodpile (he calls it the guard house), just out of sight. He's probably just a little reluctant to get too close to the people he protects, after all - he has a job to do. Now, back to prayers that get answered . . . On Sunday mornings, like many other Canadians, I leave my home to go to a place called church. Of course, as I leave the house, I give a little nod to the door man. I'll have to be honest though, (regular readers will know this), one of my favourite parts of this holy morning outing is the home cooked breakfast we treat ourselves to after church. Church satisfies a hunger of the soul, while greasy sausages and over easy eggs satisfies another hunger altogether. I digress. One of the things I've been working on at church recently is to pray for selfless, and yet seemingly hopeless causes, like an end to world hunger. Similar to my approach to playing the lottery, my thinking is that if you ask for the same thing enough times with consistent determination, you might just get it, or some part of it, as opposed to not playing (or praying) at all. The problem with a goal as lofty as an end to world hunger however is that it really seems to be beyond the capability of anyone but the big guy, you know "God", or so I thought. You see, it has been revealed to me that achieving goals like finding an end to world hunger are a little bit like eating an elephant; do it one bite at a time. Honestly though, I wasn't surprised when I didn't get an email from God telling me that He was working on my problem and would get back to me with a solution shortly. I was surprised however, when I got an email from my sister Cindy asking if I could help a friend of hers who works in Haiti by writing about her on my blog. I was surprised because it occurred to me that this might just be God providing me with a very clever answer to my prayer. "Yes, I will end world hunger, but you need to work with me by helping Cindy's friend." Yes God does work in mysterious ways. So far, the effort required on my part has been pretty minimal; to double click on the link to Cindy's friend's website, do some reading, and then think of how much I could donate. Donating money to a cause like this is easy as well, (with credit cards, the internet and all), but I really think God expects more from me, and more from my fellow North Americans who take so much for granted - like clean drinking water, for instance. As far as my door man is concerned, he also helps out when he can by eating bugs. What can you do?

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