Sunday, September 21, 2008

Living in the moment and other deep thoughts

Just this minute, I've finished listening to the last of a 3 CD collection where the late John O'Donohue read from his book "Beauty, The Invisible Embrace", in between reading Eckart Tolle's "A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life's Purpose". Yesterday I listened to a CBC radio program about how to write a better blog. Apparently, one should write about something you love, something you tend to think about and talk about more than most other things. So, I asked myself, what do I love to this degree, so much so that not only do I want to think and talk about it incessantly, but then go on and pontificate about it on-line? Aside from the obvious obsession that men are cursed with, I suppose I love reading, and especially love a good suspenseful mystery. As a small child I would read the Hardy Boys long after the lights were supposed to be out - often with a flashlight under the covers. When I found my eyesight straining, I attributed reading under the covers as the root cause of my astigmatism. Later on in life I became a big fan of Agatha Christie and her fictitious detective, Hercule Poirot. As I approach the half century mark, I find myself spenindg more time reading and wondering about a greater mystery; the mystery of life. Why are we here, where did we come from, what should we be doing, what happens after we die, etc., etc.? Despite trying my very best to pay attention to Tolle and O'Donohue, I don't have any answers to my questions - the mystery remains, for me at least. Both authors try to encourage the reader to live in the present moment, and to separate the "evil ego" from the conscious self - an assignment that I have yet to master. I'm planning on passing "Beauty" on to my mother - I know she'll enjoy O'Donohue's wonderful Irish lilt and the musical interludes, and I have a feeling some of what he has to say will resonate with her. As far as Tolle's work is concerned, I'm planning to try listening to it (on CD) to see if I can pick up on it a little more the second time around, perhaps with less distraction. At some point in his book he points out that you need to be ready for the awakening that he speaks of. This book came to me via at least 3 different channels, so apparently someone thinks I'm ready, I just need to snap out of this slumber. Wish me well.

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