Monday, July 7, 2008

The Warkworth Rodeo

A few weeks ago I noticed an ad in the local paper promoting the Warkworth Western Weekend. Since taking up horse back riding again, I'm feeling a little more drawn to all things western, so I made a note of this event in may PDA. THe weather on Saturday was just perfect for an outing, so I loaded up the truck with Dave and my dog and arranged to meet sister Marijo in Brighton. Friends Dan and Rebecca also thought this was a good excuse to get out on Dan's motorcycle so we all met up at the Warkworth Liquor store at high noon. I failed to notice that the rodeo didn't actually get underway until 2:00, so after conducting a quick tour of the show grounds decided to head off to Oak Heights Winery for what turned out to be a spectacular lunch. If you like wineries and have a healthy appetite, this place is a must see. We arrived just as a seniours tour bus was preparing to pull out on it's way to Westben Theatre. I overheard more than a couple of seniors complain that this outing involved a little too much walking for their liking (they were talking about the walk from the dining room to the bus - about 20 metres), but for the most part they seemed pleased with their experience. The rodeo itself was more fun than I expected, lots of hooting and hollering around the events dripping with testoserone, (both from the cowboys and the cowgirls). The video clip is of the barrel racing - which the horses and their riders make look so easy. I can't even stay on my horse trotting in an oval, let alone around 3 barrels with lound music pumping and a cheering crowd. No animals were harmed, and infact they seemed to be enjoying themselves, especially the angry bulls who got to throw their pesky loads off in a matter of seconds, and then turn around and stare down anyone who dared remain in the ring. I'm still working on my western look - my head is already big enough without adding a wide brimmed hat to it. Not sure what to do to get that Brad Pitt look going. All in all a fun and sun soaked day in the beautiful Northumberland Hills.

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