Monday, July 14, 2008

My Blackberry and The Mourning Doves

Even on the gloomiest days, the world is full of promise, joy and new beginnings. Just next to the spot where I park my truck, there grows, despite all odds, a blackberry bush. Each night when I get home, a few more hard red berries have been ripened to a deep black juicy state offering themselves up to me as delicious sustenance. This is my idea of a useful blackberry. And then, just outside my office window, hidden in the gnarly limbs of a scraggly old scrub is a little nest. A few blogs back I wrote about the 3 mourning doves that appeared to be checking out this little piece of real estate. (No worries about sub prime mortgages and opportunitstic bankers with this group.) I've been keeping a close eye on developments in this happy household, and as you can see above, much to my joy, new lives have been nourished and launched. It's so funny to watch as the relief sitter comes in to take over. I'm not sure what his (or her) relationship is to the main layer, or to the eggs for that matter, but the bicker free teamwork is a sight to behold. I hope you don't have to look very far in your world to find bicker free teamwork, joy and inspiration.

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