Monday, June 16, 2008

Sophie's got a boyfriend!

Week after week I am given something to rant about, or postulate on, but alas, this week I have nothing. As I sit here at my desk, trying to conjure up something clever to say, I'm afraid that I may be suffering from blogger's block. I suppose I could tell you about attending Sophie's internal exam. I found a beautiful Friesian stallion who is willing to commit to a very short term relationship with my mare, so it was strongly advised that I have the vet check her parts out to make sure she would be receptive to this proposal. Not a very amorous affair, to say the least, but everything was in order, so in about 16 days we'll be calling on King Tys for a sample of his DNA. Sophie, I really wish this could be more romantic for you, but King Tys is afraid of getting kicked. I guess I could also tell you that I've decided to take a break from riding Sophie - she is still a touch temperamental - in horse circles they call her hot blooded and too smart for her own good - I call her a less flattering name and choose to ride someone else for the time being. David decided that he would give Sophie a try and true to her reputation, she gave him quite the ride; nearly threw him off not once but twice in fact! I'm not sure how keen David will be to get back on Sophie this week. A very dear friend of mine who has a huge heart is heading into the hospital this week to allow his doctor to have a closer look at some of the pipes supplying his main pump - please say a prayer for him. To my dear father, recovery from a nasty bug whilst away on the emerald isle, I send this Irish Blessing: May the Irish hills caress you; May her lakes and rivers bless you; May the luck of the Irish enfold you; May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you.

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