Monday, June 9, 2008

The price we pay for vanity

It was finally here. June 11th - my date with my dentist. I had postponed it once, now the time had come to face the music. As I made my way along the 401 headed for Toronto, I couldn't help but ask myself "What are you - crazy? You're actually willingly delivering yourself to a procedure that you know is going to be uncomfortable at best, and potentially painful, all for the sake of removing the last bit of amalgam in the very back of your mouth to replace it with a white composite material - why?" I also made a note to myself while driving - this is why our guests at Ste. Anne's Spa are so stressed when they arrive. The fast pace of the 401, which is made even more frenetic when you tune into 680 News to check for traffic snarls, is stressful - I think they must speed up the radio announcers a bit, probably with copious amounts of coffee, they make you want to go faster. I guess I'd read or heard somewhere that a mouth full of amalgam could potentially leach mercury, and somehow became convinced that removing and replacing it was the right thing to do. I started this process a couple of years ago, but there was one last hold out at the very far reaches of my big mouth that neither I nor my dentist were looking forward to working on. Really, it was my dentist who had to do all the work, so what am I whining about? I just had to lay there and stare obligingly into the white light, grunting out my best response to any questions thrown my way, and stand ready to put my hand in the air if I felt any pain. But, true to form for my dentist, aside from the little pinch of the needle administering the local anesthetic, the whole thing was quite painless, for me that is. My dentist performed some near contortionist type moves to get at what was left of this once mighty molar, and at one point muttered "you're not paying me enough to do this", and "a root canal might be in your future", but in the end she did a bang up job, as she always does. I was a little worried when the somewhat nervous dental assistant told me that she was the new girl in the office, but she also performed exceedingly well, under the circumstances. My dentist brings her entire team to the spa once a year, so they're all very appreciative and enthusiastic when David and I come for our visits. I don't know how David gets any dentistry done though, he spends the whole time laughing and carrying on with his hygenist. He must have mastered the art of laughing and talking with a mouth full of fingers and stainless steel instruments. Thanks to modern dentistry, I now have all white fillings, (or something close to white), with just a hint of gold, from a crown I had put on years ago, before the price of gold went crazy. David tells me that if I smile really hard I look like a gangster from the hood. So, next time you see me, make me smile!

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