Monday, June 2, 2008

For as long as I can remember (although I really couldn't say when it started), I've had a mild obsession with Sunday morning breakfast. When I lived at home in Nashville, mom used the smell of bacon cooking and wafting up through the house to encourage growing teenagers to fight the desire to continue sleeping. Later, as a young man living in Toronto I had several favourite haunts that served up lip smackingly good morning meal (Mars on College street is one, but there are many, many more). And now, as I approach the 1/2 century mark, one of the moments I most look forward to each week is when my waitress pours that fresh cup of coffee (I only drink this one cup of coffee a week) and asks "would you like to see a menu". Of course I don't need to see a menu - I'm a terrible creature of habit - 2 eggs, over easy, bacon and sausage, rye toast, home fries and orange juice will provide the fuel I need to face another day. You might think that I'm a little heavy on the protein, but keep in mind that Massie loves breakfast just as much as I do. I always take him a sausage and a piece of toast, which he of course gulps down without even tasting it, but none-the-less, he appears to relish this moment almost as much as I do. We bounce between a couple of spots for Sunday morning breakfast - The Grafton Village Inn puts on a nice spread, albeit quite pricey and just a little precious, as does the Bullpen, (more down to earth and reasonable), also in Grafton. Once in a while we'll prolong the experience by making the drive up to Pitcher's Place on Rice Lake (nice Eggs Benedict), but our all time favourite is Kathleen's Kountry Kitchen (formerly known as Scenery Drive Restaurant), in Centreton. (The pictures above: a fellow diner enjoying a sip of sweet nectar, as seen from our table at Kathleen's, and my breakfast)

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