Monday, May 5, 2008

Girl's night out

My mom loves Red Lobster. I'm not sure why, I think it has something to do with the coconut shrimp and the cheese bread, but more than anything it's a night out on the town. When the call of the shell fish becomes too strong to resist, we set out for Peterborough, where we'll usually take in a movie at the downtown multi-screen theatre (love the big comfy seats). Last night we asked my sister-in-law/Innkeeper Nancy if she wanted to join us after a long day working at the spa. As we worked our way up Highway 28, someone suggested that we stop at the Kawartha Downs Casino - we had a little extra time, so why not. Nancy said that her husband won't take her to the Casino - "just give me the money and I'll throw it out the window", he says. There were 3 gamblers in the car and one naysayer, so there we were amidst the bright lights and bells feeding our hard earned money into the machines. I lost the others as I headed straight for the "players circle"; I like to get it over with quickly, preferring to feed a few twenties into the $5 slots, hoping for a big win. When I was out of twenties, I had winnings of $120 (up $40 from what I went in with); not bad for 5 minutes work, I thought. I found my mom in amongst the quarter machines - she was up by $30 and pretty pleased with herself. Then I found David; down $20 and ready to leave (he's the naysayer, in case you hadn't guessed). Then I found Nancy, sitting at twenty-five cent machine where she'd just hit the jackpot and won $400! She didn't realize she'd won - she was pressing all the buttons to stop all the noise coming from the machine! Then Nan came around the corner, fresh from a $200 win. I sat down beside Nancy and put $20 into a new type of machine while waiting for Nan to cash in her ticket, and I won a $500 jackpot! In the end we walked out with just over a thousand dollars in fresh $100 bills, smiling from ear to ear. Of course gamblers never tell you about their losses - what fun would that be? After dinner we watched Deception - not a bad flick, but you can probably afford to wait for it to come out on DVD.

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