Monday, March 31, 2008

A week in pictures and a video

After you read this blog, you may think that I am a bit of a fibber, but this is the honest to God truth. I have presented above a few of the highlights of my life over the past week, and I have concluded that despite this long drawn out winter, and the high price of gas, and the endless litany of other complaints I might be able to go on about, all in all, I lead, and so do many other Canadians lead a charmed life. Even out here in the boonies - (eastern Ontario is by some standards considered a depressed part of the province), there is so much to do, and so much to appreciate. See if you can attach these descriptions to the pictures above:

  1. A half dead evergreen against a stunning blue sky starkly beautiful along one of the many scenic country roads leading to Ste. Anne's Spa;

  2. Mike, the self described "creepy janitor" (and very much loved) out with some co-workers letting off some steam and showing off his 50th birthday present;

  3. The new lady in my life - Sophie the trotting half Arab mare and her very talented trainer Karilee at Valleyview Stables;

  4. An antique, beautifully inlaid table at Queen's Crown Antiques in Peterborough with a price tag of $28,000!

  5. A display case full of antique glass knobs at Legacy Vintage Building Materials in Cobourg;

  6. My mother posing with Mike's new friend;

  7. A bunch of us red necks out enjoying a lunch break on the last good day for snowmobiling while appreciating the view from one of the many fine vistas in the Northumberland Forest;

  8. A bunch more door accessories at Legacy Vintage Building Materials in Cobourg - need something old and of superior workmanship - this is the place to find it!

  9. Another fine piece of furniture at Queen's Crown Antiques in Peterborough - definitely worth the drive from Toronto if you appreciate fine antiques.

Sophie showing off at the stable.

So there it is, a photo and video montage of a typical week in the country (and I even left some stuff out); imagine what you could do in a lifetime - Celebrate life in rural Ontario!

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