Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another milestone

This past Sunday my family celebrated the 80th anniversary of the birth of our incredible mother, grandmother, greatgrandmother mother-in-law, and wife. Still as sharp as a tack and as spry as a leprechaun, Nan marked this milestone with a gathering of 6 of her 7 children, 9 of her 14 grandchildren and all 4 of her great grandchildren along with spouses and partners at a grand surprise party at John & Nancy's Eddystone property this past Sunday. Family pets Massie and Simba provided entertainment for the family as photos were taken, ensuring lots of smiles into the bright sun of this glorious day. The afternoon party included a feast of culinary dishes from each of Nan's children and a series of skits. Yesterday, while many Irish or "wanna-be" Irish celebrated St. Patrick's Day, (the actual day of mom's birth), Nan received numerous visitors bringing greetings from far and wide, and then finished off the day with some green beer and chicken wings at a local pub with the die hard party contingent from Ste. Anne's Spa. Nan has been making a quiet, behind the scenes contribution at Ste. Anne's for the past 27 years. Guests at the spa will often bump into her as she freshens the flowers, tidies up and looks after the little touches that make the spa home for many visitors. In her lifetime, Nan has lovingly raised encouraged and inspired seven children, has been involved in countless charitable causes and is a talented artist. She is always on the move with a real penchant for travel. Love for Nan and appreciation for the many ways that she has touched so many people runs deeper than the deepest well. May she have many more years of healthy, happy life full of joy and contentment.

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