Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A ringing phone . . .

There are those who believe that a phone call should always end with the words, "I love you", which is often shortened to "love ya", just as there are those who practice the departing embrace or parting two cheek kiss. Good for them, I say. They have clearly come up with a way of being comfortable with words and body language that evoke affection and express emotion, at least on the surface. I guess my caution would be that these words and/or actions can become a routine, and infact lose some of their sincerity over time. There quietly exists another group of people who are, for one reason or another uncomfortable displaying their emotions or expressing their feelings. To me, those most severely afflicted in this regard are no less handicapped than a person missing a limb, and yet they are more often than not misunderstood and in some cases belittled or resented for their disability. Surely you can think of people (mostly men) who fit into this category. Here's a simple fix that I think is worth trying. Start with phone calls. Just as you now have the ability to pick a ring tone for your cell phone, pick a ring tone for your home phone that represents the emotion or feeling that the person calling would like to express, but is incapable of expressing. So, next time the phone rings, convert the standard ring tone into "I love you, I was thinking about you and that's why I'm calling you; I love you, I was thinking about you and that's why I'm calling you . . ." (I haven't quite figured out what to do when the caller is a telemarketer, and I haven't thought this through to situations where getting a warm embrace or a kiss out of one these people is a desired outcome, but I'll keep working on it. Let me know if you have any suggestions).

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