Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A sad day for Christians

It was a week ago today that my dad was flipping through the channels and said "Do you know Heath Ledger? - He's just been found dead in New York" All I remember about the moment was that I was emptying the dishwasher. This news hit me pretty hard. Of course I didn't know Heath Ledger, but like millions of people who benefited from his short life and his great talent, I felt as though I did. I went to see Brokeback Mountain with my parents, and I'll never forget the emotions that this movie evoked, nor will I forget my father leaning over to me during the first love scene in the tent to say, in a loud whisper heard my most of the people in the theatre, "I didn't think they'd do that so soon". Many people think of this movie as a gay cowboy love story. To me, it was much more than that as it explored the complexity of human relationships of all kinds. Heath Ledger played the part of a conflicted man living in a world supercharged with machismo and impossible expectations with incredible skill and honesty. In addition to being a talented actor Heath Ledger was a beautiful, courageous, down to earth, nice human being, a compliment I can't ascribe to the so called Christians who protested the SAG awards in LA.. Only the good die young, may he rest in peace.

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