Monday, November 26, 2007

A new look

Many years ago, when Ste. Anne's Spa was more of a bed & breakfast than a spa, my youngest sister came to me looking for a job. At the time, we needed some help with our accounting, so I offered her an entry level job as an accounts payable clerk. Over time, Marijo started to show an interest in the marketing side of the business. Bit by bit, I turned over more and more of the marketing decisions to her. Before long she had taken the reigns and developed sales, marketing and front desk into a tight, well organized operation. As the business grew, Marijo anticipated that the job she had grown into might ultimately outgrow her skills and she decided to go back to school. She selected a 3 year program in Graphic Design at Durham College. For 3 years we tried to find a replacement for Marijo, but we weren't successful. I suppose one could conclude that because we knew Marijo was eventually going to come back, we really didn't try very hard to replace her. In any case, while Marijo was at school, in addition to single handedly raising her 2 beautiful daughters she became an active participant in the Maranatha Church in Belleville, both very life changing events. Today Marijo owns her own graphic design company. She has also published a book. Most recently, she redesigned our website, and I just love it - I hope you do too. Marijo, like many of the women who have come to depend on Ste. Anne's as a place where they can reconnect with themselves and recharge their batteries, is an incredible human being. I have been blessed with 4 incredible sisters, a wonderful mother and a great team of women who work with me at the spa. Today I want to loudly applaud the working women in our society who are responsible for so much hard work, dedication, creativity, beauty, love and compassion. As employers we need to support and encourage our daughters and our sisters as they continue to make a difference in our world. It's hard to believe that they had to fight for their rights.

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