Monday, September 3, 2007

An update, and thanks for the encouragement

To all of you who called or wrote to me with words of encouragement for my little building project; thank you. After a week of avoidance, yesterday I made my way back to my shack and made some significant progress with the roof. It's funny, for several days the prospect of getting a 4X8 sheet of plywood up on the roof and nailing it in place by myself kept me from trying, so to get started, I cut a sheet of plywood in half. I applied this first sheet vertically instead of horizontally, which made it much easier to align with the trusses. I did have to pull out a few nails to straighten out a couple of the trusses and set my standards just a little lower, but in the end, it all came together. The image shown above is reality, as opposed to the last photo, which is how I imagine my shack will look someday (the top one is the view from the shack, the second the shack itself). I thought it was time to let "reality" out of the closet. Lesson learned: take your time to think your problems through, and don't be afraid to break big problems into little challenges.

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