Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Just how dumb do you think we are Dalton?

I may be taking a bit of a risk arguing against "Family Day" in February, but honestly, I can't be the only one who sees the desperation in this recent election promise from Dalton McGuinty. In a recent news clip Dalton scratches his head and says something like "It's a long time between New Years Day and, gee whiz, when is the next holiday - Easter?" What he doesn't mention is that Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day, 3 of 8 existing winter statutory holidays for families all fall within a week of each other. He also doesn't mention the punitive cost of statutory holidays to businesses like mine, most of whom are expected to be open every day of the year. In our case, an additional statutory holiday in February will cost about $10,000 in a month that already has enough challenges just to break even. And he doesn't mention that this election promise won't cost his government a thing - it's just another day of the year that government offices and the legislature will be closed. In fact, the government will make money by adding another statutory holiday by collecting more income tax on the premium wages that will be paid out by business that are expected to be open. So who pays the cost of adding another statutory holiday? Taxpayers like you and I do. All of the premium wages paid out on another statutory holiday will ultimately be passed on to consumers, and our economy will suffer another blow from a productivity stand point as measured against our global competitors. I'm not adverse to holidays, but I am adverse to a politician who tries to give something away that doesn't belong to him in a desperate bid to hang on to power. And last time I checked, if an employee wants to take a holiday in February, there isn't much standing in their way.

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