Monday, September 24, 2007

Falling into fall in the Northumberland Hills

It seemed to happen overnight. Just in the last day or so I've once again been reminded that fall colours really are spectacular in Ontario. This morning, walking from my office, past Sentosa over the hill to the inn I was awestruck by the magnificent display. Last night the night sky was so clear, the moon so bright casting shadows into the woods as we walked up Clouston Road to our home. And the best part of fall - the great sleeps with a cool breeze wafting through an open window and over our bed. Of course the best way to take advantage of these Ontario fall days is (in my opinion) to take a walk, preferably somewhere on the grounds at Ste. Anne's, where you can also indulge your senses in the newly expanded forest trails. Failing that, there are no shortage of recommended driving trips offered around the province; (400Eleven, Ontario Tourism). All of this made the fact that a seemingly routine software upgrade crashed last night seem more or less manageable and not worth stressing over. Maybe I'm mellowing in my old age! I'll be travelling for the next ten days, but hopefully I'll be able to find an internet connection where I can update you on our adventures.

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