Monday, August 6, 2007

The Latin invasion of Campbellford

It's hard to pin point exactly when I first became infected with the latin bug. Perhaps it started with Dezi Arnaz and his heart warming role as Lucy's Cuban companion, Ricky Ricardo, or maybe it was my Cuban exciled, uncle Jan, who used to keep everybody laughing and loving. His nick name for me was yimmy, yimmy, lump, lump. There was always a party at uncle Jan's house, home of the endless barrel of red wine, and uncle Jan was always the life of the party. Certainly my love for the latin culture was reinforced and expanded by trips to Columbia, Mexico, Spain, and Equador. Recently however, it was on a return trip to Westben Theatre in Campbellford where the sounds of Herencia Latina, Salsa Band reminded me once again of the beautiful spirit of the latin people. The barn was full of people of all ages, who like me have been influenced by this enduring culture of the heart. At times it seemed as though even the hanging plants, the trees and the grass surrounding the barn were swinging to the beat of the music as a lovely breeze kept us cool. I think most people who know me would agree though, that the final straw for breaking the backs of this waspy family with the latin fever came when David came into our lives. Most regular guests at Ste. Anne's Spa have been touched by David in one way or another, and have come to appreciate his love of life, his sense of style and his ever present laughter and support. It was his inspiration that lead us to the salsa concert at Westben this past weekend, and his inspiration that keeps us all conspiring to cheer on and encourage the latin invasion of our lives. Imagine if all invasions were as pleasant as this! David has been with Ste. Anne's for 15 years where he has played a vital role in almost every department. He is currently Director of Marketing and Media Relations. He was born in Equador and immigrated to Canada with his family at the age of 4.

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