Monday, July 16, 2007

Human Dinosaurs

Sometimes crazy thoughts come into my head. I was in a restaurant just off the interstate highway - a place called the Cracker Barrel - in upper New York State. Very nice place with a huge menu, and lots of very happy, but noticeably large customers. Up until recently, I've counted myself as one of the lucky ones. My weight has been around 170 lbs. since high school. Over the past couple of years though, as I approach middle age (oops, I might already be there), I have taken supplements to help with the growing bulge around my middle, and to try to push the scale back below 185 lbs.. However, most of the supplements I've tried (most recently yohimbe) seem to work by increasing your rate of metabolism with the unpleasant side effects of rapid or irregular heart beat, excessive sweating and anxiety. I got to the point where I was oblivious to the side effects, until I ran out of my supplements and tried to go on them again. At this point, I am taking CLA, which seems to be a little less "speedy", and it seems to curb my appetite. Back to the story. As I was sitting in this restaurant trying to decide what I would have to eat, (leaning towards the turkey dinner, but tempted by the strawberry waffles), I couldn't help but notice the huge portions being served at the tables next to us. Waffles, turkey dinners, hamburgers, even salads - all excessively huge. For an instant, I had a vision of this same group of humans without the civilized setting, polite serving staff, sophisticated utensils and dinnerware in a rain forest pillaging and munching and tearing food apart with their hands and their incisors. Then I came back to my senses and snapped back into wonderful modern civilization. Note to self: me thinks we eat too much - and presentation really doesn't disguise it very well. It seems to me that we North Americans have become a truly gluttonous society. You know, I don't remember seeing too many images of anorexic dinosaurs. Have we really evolved in the past few million years? Last night David and I had dinner at Ste. Anne's, something we rarely treat ourselves too. Chef Christopher has just launched a new dinner menu - he continues to find ways to please the palate without pushing the calories. Chef has just celebrated his 7th year with us - for this I am truly thankful.

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