Monday, June 4, 2007

Why aren't you outside enjoying the weather???

I'm flattered that you're reading my blog, but with all the great weather we've had recently, I'm finding it hard to find the time to blog myself, which begs the question - how are you finding the time to read my blog? I can't remember such an incredible spring chock full of warm sunny days, just the perfect amount of rain right when you need it, and the night sky - breathtaking sunsets, full moons, bright stars and the odd spectacular thunderstorm. I hope you are taking the time to enjoy it. Now I want to share a little story with you. At Ste. Anne's we have some fitness equipment, now located in a relatively small room at basement level. (It used to be in a much more spacious facility 1 km. up the road, but people didn't like having to walk there to use the equipment (go figure). As a result the "remote" fitness facility was seldom used, and we decided to move the more popular pieces of equipment into the inn.) Now, when I walk by this cramped little room, which more people tend to use because it's close, and I see people sweating away on the treadmill, I feel like screaming out "What are you doing in here - go outside, swim, walk the hills, enjoy the great outdoors, smell the roses", but of course, being the mild mannered person that I am, I just merrily continue on my way. Today our facilities staff are putting the finishing touches on renovating our 3 spa gazebos, where, starting tomorrow, we will be offering spa treatments. If you haven't enjoyed a spa treatment outdoors, you really ought to give it a try, they are more commonly found in more tropical settings, but I just love them. With a light breeze blowing through the canvas drapes, birds chirping away, natural cooling provided by great big shade trees, scent courtesy of the lilac bushes, light conversation and laughter wafting in the distance, and a set of skilled hands working out all of the knots - this is about as close to my idea of heaven on earth.

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