Sunday, May 27, 2007

What makes some people fascinating?

In my youth, I had aspirations to be in politics. Before I had grasped a full understanding of the qualifications and the responsibilities required, I remember vacillating between wanting to be the first Canadian Pope and President of the United States. As a very young child, I have vivid memories of JFK and his brother Robert. Later in life, I remember being drawn to Trudeau. As nerdy as it sounds, I used to visit Parliament and the Ontario Legislature as a teenager to take in question period. On one occasion, I thought I would just drop in on P.E.T. to introduce myself. I think I caught a glimpse of him from outside his office, but didn't get very far before the RCMP intercepted me. I did meet Joe Clark at a convention, and after chatting him up, I asked him for his autograph - I don't remember him being terribly impressive. At a party one night, some friends and I placed a call to Ed Asner, who chatted with us for quite a while. One evening, while out at a Toronto bar watching Blue Rodeo perform I saw Tom Cruise. Apparently he was in town filming Cocktail, and was also a fan of Blue Rodeo. Again, I approached him and his entourage, only to be intercepted by some burly men who told me that Tom had enough friends, thank you very much. Later that night, I found myself dancing bum to bum with the vertically challenged movie star. That was kind of neat. Recently I've had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with Michael Ignatieff and his wife, a very charming and interesting couple. I really wish he'd won the leadership convention. A former governor general of Canada was a guest at the spa not too long ago, she seemed very nice as well, although somewhat stressed. I remember as a child being fascinated and probably influenced by Mordacai Richler's story of Duddy Kravitz. There are times when I look out over the rolling hills at Ste. Anne's and my imagination is thrown back to the movie where Duddy first surveys the expanse of land that he sets out to buy. So when Noah Richler became a regular visitor at the spa, I was both fascinated and charmed by him as well - he is such an articulate and witty man. I'm looking forward to the launch of his new book club at the spa. We've had a few other celebs at the spa over the years, but for the most part, I try to leave them alone. I expect the last thing they need is for me to be buzzing around them in hopes of acquiring a signed 8X10 for me to hang on my wall of fame! Several years ago the cast of Showboat was here at the spa on a Sunday night resting their voices between shows (the eucalyptus steam room is great for this). A well meaning guest (after a few glasses of wine) approached their table and asked if they would mind singing "Happy Birthday" to her parents. They were not amused.

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