Thursday, May 10, 2007

Plant a tree for Zoey

Pictured above, young Zoey is helping her grandma Dar with the annual Ste. Anne's tree planting blitz. This year, Ste. Anne's awesome gardeners, Debbie and Darlene, will transplant 4,000 seedlings on Ste. Anne's property. These trees will join thousands of others that have been planted in years gone by. In 40 odd years, when Zoey is around the same age as Debbie and Dar, the global warming crisis will be at it's peak, if we haven't taken the actions recommended by leading scientists. Trees like the one Zoey is planting will play a crucial role in converting C02 into oxygen. You can join Zoey, Debbie, Dar and Ste. Anne's by becoming an environmental hero. It's easy; plant some trees, replace your incandescent light bulbs with florescent light bulbs, adjust your thermostat, open a window and turn off your air conditioning, ride a bike or take public transit, take your own re-usable bags to the grocery store, vacation in Canada, take VIA Rail to Ste. Anne's. If we all pitch in we can leave Zoey a healthy and beautiful planet to enjoy. Alternatively, we could follow the lead of the oil and gas industry and take a gluttonous "gouge now, don't worry about the future" kind of approach. Check out this web site

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