Friday, May 18, 2007

Due to higher than normal wait times . . .

Here I go again, rant, rant, rant! I'm writing this blog while I'm on hold with the Whirlpool Customer Service Centre. A couple of years ago, I purchased a Maytag Neptune stacking washer/dryer from Home Depot for my home. I picked Maytag because of the name. I thought by paying a little more, I would save myself money in the long run with years of trouble free service. I guess I bought into the image of the idle Maytag repairman; idle because he never got called for service. Well, I was wrong. My washing machine stopped spinning last week, leaving a load of heavy wet clothes for me to wring out by hand. My first approach was to take the cover off the back to see if anything obvious was wrong.
Not finding any obvious problem, I hunted down the manual, where I found an 800 number for service in Canada. I felt a sense of relief, as I was sure I was just minutes away from the helpful hand of the Maytag repair man. I made a note of the model and serial numbers located on the back of the machine, and set off to my office to make the call. After 29 minutes of recordings, and options, one of which had to do with a class action law suit against Maytag (this should have been a tip-off), a very nice person took my call, only to tell me that my model and serial numbers didn't exist in her system. So, I hung up and went back to the machine to find the right model and serial numbers. I called back in again - call volumes still higher than normal, and after another 29 minutes a nice young man took my call. He verified all of my details and then told me that a service company from Belleville would be out to look at my machine within 48 hours. He suggested that I call the company in Belleville just to let them know I was expecting them. I thought this was a good idea. When I called the company in Belleville, they asked where I bought the machine. They didn't seem very happy with my answer, so much so that they went on to tell me that they didn't service my area, regardless of what Whirlpool had told me. So, now I'm on hold again to the so called service centre, listing to an automated attendant tell me how much she appreciates my patience. I could go on, but I'm sure by now most people have lost interest in my little story about how the concept of service and integrity has somehow been lost in our society. I guess the real trick is to survive these assaults on our senses without acting our frustration out on those around us who we love and cherish. Maybe blogging is a good outlet. By the way - did you see what our friends in the oil industry did to the price of gas for the Victoria Day weekend? Happy Birthday Queen! I think I'll book myself in for a massage. (My automated friend just told me for the thirteenth time: "Thank you for your continued patience. Due to higher than normal call volumes, we are currently experiencing longer wait times." She sounds so sincere. You'd think someone in senior management would schedule for these higher than normal call volumes. I wonder how the automated attendant keeps her cool, with management subjecting her to such stress. She must go to the spa when she is not experiencing these frustratingly long wait times.)

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