Sunday, April 29, 2007

Miracles do happen - every day!

Today was one of those picture perfect spring days; birds chirping and encouraging their newly hatched chicks to leave the nest, sun shining brightly with the odd cloud lazily floating across the blue, blue sky, a gentle breeze, Lake Ontario magnificently sprawled against a distant horizon. I couldn't help but think about the miracle of nature that is so especially prevalent at this time of the year. A few weeks ago everything seemed so grey, and dead. Now, everything is coming back to life, and not just in an ordinary way - it's spectacular; literally the greatest show on earth, with vibrant colours, unique shapes, and a multiplicity of forms. The gardens are just starting to transform themselves into a beautiful show. I have assembled a few pictures to make my point; one lonely and persistent tulip on the grounds of the Millcroft, enjoying life before the lawnmowers make their debut, a before and after shot of our front gardens at Ste. Anne's, and a close up of some Arabis Snow Cap perennials bringing some new life in amongst the remnants of last years dead stocks. From a scientific point of view, I can get my mind around the idea that we all evolved out of some kind of accident on the shores of an ancient seabed. However, I just can't imagine how, without the help of some divine force, some burst of creativity and energy, the first seed or the first cell came to be. Call me simple, but I prefer to believe that this miracle of life, this tapestry of creation was the work of some higher force; a force that we can aspire to be part of and to be like in our daily lives. Savour the seasons!!

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