Thursday, April 12, 2007

Is this really April 12th?

I don't mind snow, and I don't mind rain, but experiencing them all at once in the middle of April as slush seems to be driving me to distraction. I've been trying to understand why this is bothering me so much, and I've come up with a theory. I think it has something to do with control. I've been described as a control freak by some of my closest friends, but really, I think part of being a human, the dominant species on this planet, implies that we like by nature to be in control, not only of ourselves, but of others and of our environment. I have to say though that I get the same feelings of anxiety when I wake up to this kind of weather at this time of year as I get when I see people who could be making a contribution just doing the bare minimum, when I see government taxing us to death and consistently delivering programs that fall short of expectations, when I see co-workers leaving their dirty dishes in the sink, and not ever being able to catch them in the act. Perhaps it's the absence of certainty, like trying to push a snowball uphill in a thunderstorm. It's like mud, as opposed to earth, like a radio station playing a great song with a weak signal that cuts in and out, like slush as opposed to snow or rain, or sunshine. It's like having something tantalizing dangled in front of your face, just out of your reach. It's frustration! Uncontrolled frustration in humans can lead to impatience, irrational and sometimes destructive behavior, which leads to more frustration. Fortunately, the cure for this vicious cycle is also provided by humans through empathy, and loving, supportive relationships, touching, hugging, listening, all of which can be found in abundance at a spa like Ste. Anne's! So, keep the slush coming - it's probably good for business!

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