Friday, March 16, 2007

Just like old times

Earlier this week, a CN Rail derailment in Kingston (leading to an interruption in VIA Rail service to Cobourg), gave me an opportunity to do one of my favourite things - hang out with Ste. Anne's spa guests, especially after they've been at the spa for a while. Even though VIA provided bus service in place of the train, we decided to drive the limo back to the city with a group of six very relaxed passengers on board. The bus, with all it's stops along the way just didn't make the grade. I love to hear what departing guests most enjoyed about their stay at the spa, how they heard about the spa, and in some cases, I get to hear about where we could do better. On this particular occasion, everyone had a great time, and as so often seems to be the case, despite all the money we are wont to spend on advertising, they all came to the spa on the recommendation of a friend. One of our passengers had been dreaming of a visit to the spa for years, ever since being in school. She has now graduated and has a young one to care for. While at studying at school, she had seen a brochure and decided that this was a place that she wanted to go someday. Another guest gave me strict instructions before we got into the limo "not too fast - I'm not a good passenger". She was quite free to admit that she had a problem - something to do with vertigo, I think?? We had lots of laughs - I started off by telling everyone that I was really excited about driving, since I'd just recently had my licence re-instated, after a long suspension. To a query about whether we were going to get any freezing rain, I replied, "no, just a little sleet and black ice". I love deadpan humour, and as it turned out, so did my audience. On the 363 days of the year that VIA Rail doesn't have track problems, there is no better way to get in and out of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa or Quebec City. The service level has improved dramatically over the years. But on those other days, Jim & Dave's Limousine is warmed up and ready to ride!

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