Thursday, February 1, 2007


My mom, David and I decided to take advantage of a few vacant nights at my brother's place on Harbour Island, leaving on a last minute flight out of Toronto on Tuesday morning. As always, it is great to be here, but each evening, while sitting watching the sun go down, after a perfect day I can't help but wonder what I ever did in a previous life to deserve to spend time in this incredibly beautiful place. My parents started coming here about 45 years ago to a resort called Pink Sands. Over the years some of us were lucky enough to join them, and memories of those holidays are still etched in my mind. Eventually Pink Sands became a little rich for our blood, and we tried other sunspots in Mexico and the Caribbean. About 6 years ago, my brother and his wife bought a piece of property and built Seadream House. We've stayed at Seadream House several times and always have a wonderful time. The first couple of days we were here this week, we stayed at a wonderful little property called Runaway Hill, owned by hockey legend Mark Messier. It reminds me of Ste. Anne's in so many ways - family run, very small and intimate, with every detail covered. We had a wonderful time there - great food, incredible views, and falling to sleep to the sound of the ocean each night. We met some wonderful people there as well, which always makes a vacation more memorable. A charming and very funny Steve Flannery runs the place, and we had the pleasure of meeting his mom and sister, as well. When I get back to my office, I'm planning to put together a Ste. Anne's on Harbour Island spa escape package. I think it's just what the island needs, and I hope it will appeal to some of our regular guests looking for something a little different in the winter months. Drop me a line if something like this would interest you. Well, off to the beach we go!

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