Sunday, December 10, 2006

My lovely little sister

I don't imagine it's easy being the last in a line of seven children. By the same token, it's probably not easy being the first either. Some think the middle child has a rough ride. My youngest sister has recently published a book. Marijo is an incredibly creative, deeply spiritual mother of 2 beautiful girls. Her girls are at a certain age; an age where I remember having regular conflicts with my parents. An age where I remember knowing more and knowing better than just about anyone. Looking back, I realize that I really didn't know as much as I thought I did, but no one could have told me that at the time, least of all, my parents. While Marijo's book is just a little book, it has a big message about a little girl growing up and finding herself through her relationship with God. I encourage you to read it. To purchase a copy of Lovely, email Marijo at
I love my little sister and her girls. I hope that the struggles they are enduring will give them strength and deepen their love and appreciation for each other.
It isn't uncommon for us to see mothers and daughters visiting Ste. Anne's together. Sometimes there is a bonding mission behind the visit. Other times, mother is passing on the art of finding balance in life by introducing daughter to the restorative benefits of visiting the spa, of taking care of one's body and soul (we call these spa-divas in training). Sometimes I can sense tension between the generations, as a daughter will roll her eyes at her mother's quirky ways, or as a mother will scold her daughter for not eating her vegetables, or drinking too much wine. My views on the dynamics of parent/child relationships is a topic that I could devote an entire volume to, but not today. I suppose parenting is just one more of the human skills that isn't covered in the "Getting Started as a Human Being" manual. What kind of struggles are you having in your relationships with your parents, or with your children? What lessons has life taught you?

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